If true happiness can only be found inside ourselves, why do we keep searching for it outside?

What is the purpose of our existence?

Where is humankind heading to?

Those are all questions that linger our thoughts sooner or later. With the human condition comes certain limitations. Most of us are aware that something blocks us from living in our ultimate potential every day of our lives, as much at an individual level as at the collective level.

Sometimes, we even question the truth of the reality we live in when trying to make sense of it all. How much of our lives is an illusion? How much of it is true reality?

The time has come for humankind to move to the next step of our evolution.

We call it Ultimate Happiness.

You may have other names for it. The name doesn’t matter, as long as we understand each other.

It is a state where our consciousness is free from the bondage of human condition. The result is genuine profound happiness. It means more joyfulness, peacefulness, compassion, serenity, fulfillment, and a sense of purposefulness. It also means the end of suffering and, of course, of the ego. It is the return to Oneness.

Individual self-realization can contribute to raising the level of peace, love and happiness in the world, especially when it will be possible to facilitate it on a greater scale.

We conduct continual Research and Development activities to that purpose.

Our short to medium-term research goal is to develop an efficient process to completely dissolve and be free from the ego and help a person to reach the state of Ultimate Happiness.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the state of Ultimate Happiness at the collective level, making it possible to live in a sustainable world and finally have world peace.

Yes, we know! It’s a massive goal… That’s why we need you to be part of the project!